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Advanced Training at MPA Skills

MPA Skills delivers Advanced Training Courses for the plumbing industry.

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Advanced Training Plumbing Courses
Plumbing Contractor’s Licence Course
PCL Business - Course Information Enrol Here
• PCL WaterCourse Information Enrol Here
PCL DrainageCourse Information Enrol Here
• PCL SanitaryCourse Information Enrol Here
Backflow PreventionCourse Information Enrol Here
Restricted Plumbing Permit Course

(This course is Restricted to Licensed Electricians and Gas Fitters with a Non Plumbing Pathway) - Course Information

Due to timing of changes in the Plumbing Licencing Board’s Policy on what will be required from training to gain this permit. MPA Skills will not be offering the Resricted Plumbing Permit course in 2023 as we cannot guarantee that the current content will satisfy the changes. We are hoping that in 2024, we will be able to offer the new requirements of this course.

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Advanced Training Gas Courses

(Gas Permit Fact Sheet)

Certificate III in Gasfitting (This course is restricted to plumbers who have not achieved the gas pathway or previous gas fitters who have not held a gas permit in over 5 years) - Course Information Click here to join the 2024 waitlist
Gas ServicingCourse Information Enrol here
Restricted Gas Permit CourseCourse Information

Gas License - Course Information 

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