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11 December 2019

Stage 2.5 South student feedback on Phill Doody – Plumbing Trainer 

  • Fair and clear learning outcomes, real world examples in practical work.
  • Phill was great over the two weeks stage, gave me a greater insight into plumbing and taught me a lot I didn’t know
  • Phill was a great teacher, hope to have him in the near future
  • Phill is a great mentor and a knowledgeable man

19 November 2019

Backflow and drainage student feedback on Clive Anderson – Plumbing Trainer 

  • Clive is very good at explaining the task and is helpful with easier ways to do the task.
  • Clive was very knowledgeable and very helpful.
  • Clive is a top bloke and a great teach, cheers Clive bloody legend!
  • Fantastic trainer, easy to follow and kept something potentially boring very interesting

11 November 2019

Stage 3 student feedback on Phill Doody – Plumbing Trainer 

  • It was a helpful course, Phill was very helpful.
  • Very good set out and spaced out well. Really enjoy Phill being the trainer as he is always there to help when you need it and also encourages a lot.
  • Enjoyed my time, this time had a new trainer (Phill) he was helpful and a good trainer.
  • Very well planned and explained from Phill. Explains everything about what you doing and makes it easy to understand and helps with every question when you ask him.
  • Phil is experienced with good working knowledge. Fair and flexible in conducting the class.
  • Highly recommend Phill as a lecturer. Explained things clearly at a good pace using examples of jobs he has worked on.

11 September 2019

Student feedback St Norbert College Queens Park on Peter Zappa – Plumbing Trainer 

  • Peter is a top notch teacher and always gives us a hand when needed and helps people catch up when needed. No issues with the course. It’s been good.
  • Pete is a great teacher always willing to help out and help us learn as much and as good as possible.
  • Peter is a legend.
  • Peter was very decent.
  • Peter is a good guy.
  • Peter is a great guy.
  • 90% of the question responses were “strongly agree”.