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MPA Skills is the leading trainer and employer of plumbing apprentices in Western Australia, with 30 years of experience in the industry. Our training programs cater to all levels, from school-based pre-apprenticeships to full-time pre-apprenticeships for school leavers and career changers. We also offer advanced training courses for tradesmen looking to upskill.

With the half-price training fees for apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeship currently on offer as part of the WA Recovery Plan, there is no better time to start a career in plumbing and gasfitting.


Pre Apprenticeships

A Pre-Apprenticeship course will give a student a true insight in to the industry they are considering. Start your plumbing career here with the support of MPA Skills, the construction industry specialist.
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Apprentice Employment

Join the leaders in plumbing employment in WA. Be supported and mentored while working safely to give you the opportunity to become a well skilled apprentice who will be a vital part of the trade in the future.
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Advanced Training

Check our our courses relating to Plumbing Contractors’ Licensing, Gas Permits, Overseas Gap Training and Tailored Training. New course: WA PVC Pipe Laying. For more information, click below.
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MPA Skills is a Group Training Organisation and a Registered Training Organisation with campuses in Maylands, Bayswater, and Jandakot. We have a reputation for delivering the best training and taking out the uncertainty of starting an apprenticeship by employing apprentices directly through our vast network of host employers.

In addition, apprentices are assigned field officers who are plumbers with years of experience. They will guide the apprentices throughout their apprenticeship to ensure they are getting the training as per the industry standards.


Michael Federicks

I was not sure what I wanted to do when I left school, so I tried a plumbing pre-apprenticeship course at MPA Skills. During this time, I developed a passion for plumbing and gas and continued on to start an apprenticeship. The training I received was great as all of the trainers were plumbers themselves, so they taught us real-hands-on practical knowledge.

Michael Federicks

MPA Skills Plumbing Trainer and Plumbing Training Supervisor

Drew Blurton

I did a plumbing apprenticeship with MPA Skills, and during my work-based training, I was placed with a tier-one plumbing company in Perth, Sanwell Plumbing & Civil. Being an apprentice at MPA was great. We got regular visits from our field officers, who made sure that we had everything we needed. The facilities on campus were great, and the trainers were always willing to help.

Drew Blurton

Former MPA Skills Plumbing Apprentice

Nathan Halliwell

The training I received was exceptionally good, and it equipped me with the necessary skills and abilities for my current work. I also obtained my contractor’s license through MPA Skills, which was an incredibly positive experience. I had a strong support system during my training, and the trainers were extremely helpful and supportive.

Nathan Halliwell

Owner, Eco-Friendly Plumbing

frequently asked questions

The plumbing apprenticeship takes four years in total to complete if you start with 11 weeks of full-time pre-apprenticeship. The school-based pre-apprenticeship, which can be done in Years 11 or 12 across three terms, takes off several blocks of training when you start your apprenticeship.

A pre-apprenticeship is the first step to getting an apprenticeship. The course includes classroom learning and on-the-job training allowing you to gain insights into the construction industry. MPA Skills' pre-apprenticeships can be completed in 11 weeks full-time or over three terms with a school-based pre-apprenticeship program.

As part of the WA Recovery Plan, training fees for pre-apprenticeships and apprenticeships are heavily subsidised for domestic students.

View the 2023 pre-apprenticeship fee here and plumbing training course fee here .

Persons holding one of the following temporary resident visa types are eligible to be treated as Australian residents for fee-charging purposes and are also eligible for fee waivers and concessions:

  • Holders of subclass 309, 444, 785, 7901 or 820 visa
  • Secondary holders of a temporary visa subclass 457 or 482
  • Holders of a bridging visa E (subclass 050 and 051) where the visa holder has made an application for a visa subclass 785 or 790
  • Ukraine citizens who are holders of subclass 449 or 786
  • Afghan citizens who are holders of subclass 449
  • Holders of a bridging visa who are eligible to work and who have made a valid application for a subclass 866

Please consult an AASN provider or the Department of Training and Workforce Development's apprenticeship office for all other visa holders wishing to enter a training contract.

Most of our classroom and practical training programs are held in person. However, we offer some of the advanced training classes online.

2024 MPA Skills and Galvins Plumbing Supplies WA Plumbing Industry Expo

MPA Skills and Galvins Plumbing Supplies are proud to host the biggest names in the plumbing industry as part of the upcoming WA Plumbing Industry Expo Guests include: The Institute of Plumbing...

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Date Published: 04 May 2024