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What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is the first step in how to become a plumber. An apprenticeship is a practical, hands on training program where you are paid while you learn. As an apprentice you are contracted to an employer to learn all about your chosen trade and become qualified in that trade. The apprenticeship is a combination of on-the-job practical training and off-the-job structured training at a Registered Training Organisation, such as MPA Skills.

The term of a Plumbing and Gasfitting apprenticeship is four years. This includes off-the-job training. In Western Australia apprenticeships are delivered under a competency based flexible training system. Workplace and off-the-job training and assessment procedures have been introduced based on the skills the apprentice should acquire over the term of the apprenticeship.

MPA Skills is considered by many to be the best industry apprenticeship program and also offers professional recruitment of apprentices to employers for short and long term period through its Group Training Organisation. Click here to learn more about being an apprentice with MPA Skills!

We are currently offering Plumbing Apprenticeship training at our Maylands Campus for stages 1 to 6, Jandakot Campus for stages 1 to 5.  Students who train at the Maylands campus may at times go to our Bayswater workshop for practical tasks.

Looking to the future

On completion of an apprenticeship, a trades person can start developing their experience. Their long-term goals may include:
  • To set up his/her own business
  • Become a supervisor or estimator
  • Enter the sales and marketing or product development fields
  • Many more opportunities!

2022 Plumbing Training Fees 

MPA Skills Course Fees for government subsidised training - Apprenticeships and Pre-Apprenticeships
The indicative qualification fees include projected CPI adjustments
**Please note, the below figures only show the Course Fee amount. Training Fees are made up of a Course & Resource Fee. To view the total fees payable for training please go to the  Apprenticeship section of this website where it will break down the exact amount payable.
*LFLS = Lower Fees Local Skills

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