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Hire an apprentice

Hire an apprentice

MPA Skills Apprentice Employment employs apprentices using the ‘Group Training’ model where the apprentice is employed by MPA Skills but work on site with a ‘Host Employer’. Our goal is to employ and provide Host Employers with the best apprentices.

Apprentices are supported by Field Officers.

When you use an apprentice through MPA Skills Apprentice Employment, you do not have the extra costs or worries associated with apprentices and the administration is all done for you.

MPA Skills Apprentice Employment provides a comprehensive service and takes care of the following aspects of labour hire:

  • Paperwork and contracts
  • Clothing
  • Training – bookings/reminders
  • Fees and course resources
  • Pastoral support and advice
  • PPE kits and ongoing supplies
  • Field Officer support and mentoring
  • Wages and Superannuation
  • Insurance/Workers Compensation
  • RDO’s, sick and annual leave
  • Extra training in specialised courses
  • Assessments to apprentice
  • WHS training and support paperwork
  • And when work runs out, you can return the apprentice to MPA Skills

You only pay when the apprentice is on-the-job. When the apprentices complete their apprenticeship, our aim is to have a quality apprentice who is “well skilled and happy with a great attitude” ready to become a top tradesperson and give back to the plumbing industry of WA. This is important not only for MPA Skills and the apprentice but the future of the trade.

For more information contact the Apprentice Employment Team on (08) 9471 6600 or email us