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School Programs

MPA Skills offer multiple school programs for students from Year 9 to Year 12. These include:

  • School-based Pre-Apprenticeship (52887WA Certificate II in Plumbing) 1 Year
  • Try-A-Trade (two days plumbing, one day painting)
  • Year 9 Career Taster Program

52887WA Certificate II in Plumbing (School Based) – 1 year

Applications have now closed for the 2024 school-based pre-apprenticeship course. Please check back in March 2024 for the 2025 application process.

A school-based pre-apprenticeship is a great way for students in Years 11 and 12 to work towards a trade qualification in plumbing.

This program is fully funded by the Department of Training and Workforce Development, so there is no course fee charged to the student.
ome schools charge a training centre fee. Please speak with your VET Coordinator for further details).

Upon course completion, students are awarded Certificate II in Plumbing and the qualification count towards their final school grades.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: There are now minimum entrance requirements to enter into a School Based Pre Apprenticeship program. Your school will need to make sure that you are work ready and academically capable of completing the program.  Students must be going into Year 11 or 12 and have a C Grade average to be eligible for the program. You must have also not completed any prior VET qualifications.

Please view the School Based Pre App Fact Sheet for further information.

If you have any queries, please call 08 9471 6602 or email

CTF Funded Try-A-Trade

The program gives participants the opportunity to try different trades, find the right career path and learn critical skills needed for the job. Participants gain real-world experience through practical activities led by an experienced professional. Each Try-A-Trade course runs for up to three days and focuses on two to three trades.

As it is funded by the CTF there is no cost to schools, but you do have to register via this link. Select Trade Stream and in the free typing section at the bottom, ask for plumbing and painting.

Year 9 Career Taster

The Year 9 Career Taster Program (CTP) aims to inspire secondary school students to become ‘career curious’ about further study opportunities and potential careers. Funding support might be available from DoE / AISWA / CEWA depending on your school.

Visit and use the keyword MPA SKILLS to find our two courses.


Short Courses

This year, we introduced a range of new short courses for schools, including ‘Careers in Hydrogen’, ‘Try a Power Tool’, ‘Build a Birdhouse’, and many more. 

These courses are designed to provide students with valuable practical skills that can be applied in both personal and professional settings. Whether they are interested in pursuing a career in the trades or simply looking to explore their interests, these courses are a fantastic opportunity to gain hands-on experience.

Please view this pdf listing for available courses. Click HERE to put in an Expression of Interest.

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