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AQTF Quality Indicators

RTO Information

This report presents summary information about the Registered Training Organisation

Name MPA Skills
Address PO Box 5216
City/town/suburb East Victoria Park
State WA
Post code 6101
NTIS number 1892

Summary Report

The Summary Report provides information about the RTO and a snapshot of results for the scales measured by the
Learner Questionnaire (LQ) and Employer Questionnaire (EQ).

For each scale, the Summary Report presents information about the:

  • count of responses used to calculate the scale score;
  • average scale score; and
  • variation in scale scores.

Scores are reported on the response scale of 0 to 100, where 0 means ‘strongly disagree’ and 100 means ‘strongly

Results are provided for learners and/or employers depending on the data entered into SMART.

This Summary Report can be used to analyse the number, average and variation of the survey responses.
Comparisons can be made across scales, to previous reports, or between learners and employers.

Learners Employers
Scale Response Count Average Score Average Variaion Response Count Average Score Average Variation
Trainer Quality 679 82.6 17.6 58 82.2 18.6
Effective Assessment 679 80.3 17.6 58 78.9 18.5
Clear Expecations 679 79.6 18.0
Learning Stimulation 679 78.0 18.5
Competency Development 679 79.6 17.1 58 77.5 19.5
Training Resources 679 78.9 18.6 58 78.9 18.9
Effective Support 679 79.9 17.9 58 78.4 19.4
Active Learning 679 78.1 17.0
Overall Satisfaction 679 81.2 18.6 58 82.2 18.5

Comments Report

The Comments Report lists the comments provided to the two open-ended questions on the Learner Questionnaire (LQ) and/or Employer Questionnaire (EQ).

Both the LQ and EQ contain questions that seek information about the best aspects of training, and about the aspects of training most in need of improvement.  The report provides a print out of these.

EQ best aspects

  • All round knowledge of the industry
  • Attention to detail and thorough coverage was good.
  • Completing the training for the apprentice.
  • Decorative effects training was good.
  • Friendly office staff and everyone was easy enough to get along with in the office
  • Gas Course
  • Getting dirt on my hands for the first of training
  • Good theoretical and practical relevant to my plumbing career.
  • Great correspondence with the training organisation
  • I cannot answer the questions, on the lack of information of results gathered from training. I don’t know if he is a
  • 52% student or a 98% as “competant” does not show these figures.
  • Improving advanced skills
  • In depth theoretical training, industry focused.
  • Kept the apprentice informed at all stages.
  • Learning especially tubes and santiary.
  • One on one time and great easy approach with Trainers
  • Our apprentice learn’t different skills throughout the training and he enjoyed the training
  • Our apprentice was naturally able to just to any plumbers aspects
  • Passionate trainers (Drew, Steph, Euan, Donna) Doing their best to meet our needs.
  • The RTO provided the latest up to date facility and equipment.
  • The apprentice enjoyed the gas course.
  • The apprentice learn’t lot of useful information
  • The knowledge gained by the apprentice.
  • The lecturers in training were good and also stage 6 was a good stage of training.
  • The mix between theory & practice. Lecturers were very good & I learnt alot.
  • The patience and temperance of the trainers.
  • The support received from staff.
  • The trainers especially one was good.
  • The trainers were easy to work and learn with whilst training.
  • The trainers were great and knew alot about the plumbing industry.
  • There was alot of information that the apprentice received for GAS training, which was good.
  • Training centres were good.
  • Use of up to date equipment and materials
  • Well organised and apprentice look forward to attending training.
  • Well organised training.