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How to become a plumber in WA


Plumbing in Western Australia is an established, consistent and profitable industry that is key in the functioning of every day life. Whilst plumbing can look like a great option for people trying to find a career path, how do you actually become a plumber in WA?

In Western Australia to practice as a plumber, you must have:

1. A pre-apprenticeship plumbing qualification (52700WA Certificate II in Plumbing)

2. An apprenticeship with a licensed plumbing employer (as part of CPC32413 Certificate III in Plumbing)


How to become a plumber in Western Australia?

Simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Obtaining a plumbing qualification

Before you begin any work in plumbing, you must first obtain a plumbing qualification. Under Western Australian law this must be a Certificate II or higher (Plumbers Licensing Act 1995). The 52700WA Certificate II in plumbing is offered at Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) such as MPA Skills. MPA Skills offer the Certificate II as a 10-week course, which includes four weeks of work experience. Alternatively, this course can be done by school students part time in a 1-2 year School-based Pre-Apprenticeship. This course prepares students for the workforce with training from industry leaders and is offered at MPA Skills locations in Maylands, Bayswater and Jandakot.

Step 2: Starting an apprenticeship

Once you have completed your initial training, potential plumbers must undertake an apprenticeship with a licensed plumbing contractor, as part of the CPC32413 Certificate III in Plumbing. The Cert III apprenticeship is a key practical component of the educational experience and provides apprentice plumbers with the real-world understanding that they will need throughout their career. Apprenticeships are paid and last 4 years. Apprenticeships can be undertaken by directly contacting plumbing businesses or through your Group Training provider. MPA Skills provide apprentices with the opportunity to work with ‘Host Employers’ and are trained by MPA Skills at their training campuses north and south of the river. MPA Skills is the leading employer for painting and plumbing apprentices in WA. Successful completion of an apprenticeship enables students to then apply for a Western Australian Plumbing Tradespersons License.

If you follow these two steps, you too can become a plumber in Western Australia.

Advanced training courses are also offered at MPA Skills in a variety of specialised plumbing disciplines that will give you the keys to stand out and thrive in the industry. These advanced courses give plumbers the competitive edge in the plumbing market and the keys to succeed, however, the above-mentioned steps are crucial before you can undertake any further training.

If you have already obtained plumbing qualifications in another country and are seeking a Western Australian license, you can study The Migrant Gap Course. This course is for migrants with previous plumbing experience and qualifications outside of Western Australia who wish to work in WA, as part of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Plumbing Contractor’s License

Should you wish to start your own business, the next step is to obtain a Plumbing Contractor’s License (PCL) (Plumbers Licensing Act 1995). Licenses must be applied for and are awarded upon the successful completion of a series of classes and tests. The course involves study across four units in BusinessWaterDrainage and Sanitary.  The Plumbing Contractors License course and assessments are offered at MPA Skills.

Following completion of the necessary qualifications and licensing requirements, you will start looking at finding employment. There are many specialised and general plumbing practices in Western Australia that are always looking for new plumbers and MPA Skills’ connections and industry support can help you make the transition into employment through their connections.

Alternatively, you can seek employment, directly through MPA Skills, as part of their Labour ForceThe Labour Force is an employment opportunity offered by MPA Skills, which will employ you as a licensed plumber. The opportunity includes competitive pay rates, ongoing and established support by MPA Skills and the chance to continue building and honing your skills in a dedicated environment. MPA Skills Labour Force is a great next steppingstone for prospective plumbers in their journey from education to employment.

MPA Skills not only provides students with high quality education but helps them kick start their careers with job opportunities, options for further education and a bedrock of industry support and connections.

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