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New qualification is now out!

The latest version of CPC32420 – Certificate III in Plumbing and CPC32720 – Certificate III Gas fitting were released in November of 2020.

While there has been minimal change to the gas fitting qualification, there has been significant changes to the plumbing qualification. The various state departments are working on what the new delivery hours are going to be for the plumbing qualification, as there have been a number of additional units included and a few units combined from the old qualification.

We are currently working on how we may be able to deliver the new qualification and what would be the best interest of the industry. Over the next few month we will be requesting industry feedback on proposed pathway and delivery from our employers and all RTO’s and TAFE’s should be consulting industry on the makeup of their pathways. While much of the qualification is set in stone with core units, industry need to feedback on possible elective units and delivery arrangements.

The usual turn around to adopt a new qualification is 12 months, although both qualifications have been given 24 months to train out. Current apprentices who will not finish their qualification within this time, should be transferred to the new qualification with the possibility of some gap training.

CPC32420 – Certificate III in Plumbing

CPC32720 – Certificate III in Gasfitting

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