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Start a Plumbing and Gasfitting Apprenticeship in Perth

Plumbing and Gasfitting Apprenticeship

Dive into a rewarding plumbing and gasfitting career in 2024 with subsidised apprenticeship training fees under the WA Recovery Plan. Upon completion of your plumbing and gastiffing apprenticeship, you will gain a nationally recognised trade qualification and have the potential to earn a starting salary of up to $80k.

As the leading trainer and employer of plumbing apprentices in Western Australia, MPA Skills training caters to everyone, from students still in school to school leavers and career changers. We also offer advanced training  for tradespeople aiming to upskill.

There are two ways of getting into the plumbing trade. You can either start with a pre-apprenticeship or stage one apprentice training. Our pre-apprenticeship can be done in two ways, which are  the school-based pre-apprenitceship and the full-time pre-apprenticeship. The school-based pre-apprenticeship is available to students in Years 11 and 12 and completed in a year or three school terms. If you have already left school or are wanting to change careers, you can start with an 11-week full time pre-apprenticeship. Both pathways will get you a Certificate II in Plumbing upon course completion.

The Stage One program is designed for individuals who already have work experience in the plumbing trade and are committed to pursuing this career path. We highly recommend starting with our pre-apprenticeship, as it offers a comprehensive insight into the construction industry and equips you with the fundamental knowledge required before fully committing to a trade.

We take pride in offering specialized plumbing training and employment that is highly relevant to the industry. This is made possible by our core business value of maintaining close connections with industry partners. Their support in supplying the latest technology for our training, combined with our vast network of host employers providing high-quality on-site mentoring, aligns perfectly with the on-campus training we offer. This has been excellent in transitioning apprentices into skilled tradespeople into the construction industry in WA.

Start your journey in plumbing and gasfitting journey in 2024. Email or call (08) 9471 6600.