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The technical skills you’ll learn in Plumbing Training

A plumbing career is a rewarding life-long career. When it comes to working in the field of plumbing, training is essential. Plumbing is a skilled trade, but you can expect a lucrative career with excellent job security and proper education and hands-on training. 

MPA Skills now offers a plumbing training program that will help you join the ranks of skilled tradespeople. Our plumbing program gives you hands-on training so that you reach your career goal.  As you read this blog, you’ll learn about all the plumber skills that are essential to this trade. At the same time, consider whether these skills match your strengths and whether you’re up for the challenge. 


What does a plumber do?   

Before we dive deep into the skills needed to be a successful plumber, let’s explore what the job entails. As a plumber, your daily tasks include laying out, installing, testing and maintaining plumbing systems. Plumbing systems aren’t just pipes – they also include fixtures, metal roofs, fittings, gas meters and regulators. So, as you can see, a lot of responsibility comes with being a plumber! 

As a plumber, you would be responsible for various tasks, including: 

        Reading plans and specs to determine the layout of plumbing systems 

        Measuring, marking, cutting, connecting, assembling, bending and installing pipes 

        Cutting walls and floors properly to ensure that pipes are installed properly 

        Installing valves and fittings to join pipe sections 

        Testing plumbing systems to make sure they meet all relevant regulations 

        Welding steel, copper, plastic and stainless-steel pipework. 

        Maintaining and repairing plumbing systems to ensure their continued efficiency 


How does plumbing training prepare you for the real world? 

A successful plumbing career always starts with the right training. A plumbing programme teaches you various installation, repair, and maintenance procedures. You can expect to learn about a wide range of topics during your apprenticeship, from simple repairs to more complicated maintenance procedures. With the right training, you’ll be well on your way to a successful career in plumbing! 

Let’s dive into the skills that you will learn during the program: 

The basic tools and techniques of plumbing 

Every trade has its own set of tools – as you undergo plumbing training, you will gradually become familiar with what they are and how to use them effectively. In addition to the essential tools that all construction workers need to know how to use, you will also receive instructions on the tools specific to plumbing. This will include theoretical and practical knowledge, such as identifying different types of pipes and using the necessary techniques to cut and fit them accordingly.  

You will also learn how to work with different materials, ranging from PVC pipes to metal ones, and utilize the specialized tools required to bend metal pipes. With this comprehensive understanding of the trade, you will be well-equipped to take on any plumbing challenge that comes your way. 

Plumbing training includes hands-on experience. 

When it comes to plumbing, it’s not enough to just read about it or watch someone else do it. You need to try out the techniques yourself so you can learn and master the craft. That’s why we ensure you get plenty of hands-on experience during your training at MPA Skills. You’ll learn how to cut and fit pipes, install them, and make repairs. By the end of your training, you’ll be a confident and skilled plumber ready for any challenge. 

How to troubleshoot and fix problems 

MPA Skills ensures you get the best education possible by teaching you plumbing through hands-on experience. You will work with the tools you need to use on the job and get first-hand practice with methods like pipe cutting and fitting, installing, and making repairs. You’ll also learn about water-based appliances, like dishwashers and washing machines, and how to install and repair them. In this course, you will troubleshoot real plumbing problems, so you’ll be ready for the real thing. This comprehensive training will give you the skills and confidence you will need to succeed in your career. 

Understand and apply building codes 

While it may not be the most exciting aspect of the job, plumbers must follow the rules known as building codes when they work. You will learn how to read those codes and blueprints for a building and interpret them so that you can install and make repairs that comply with the codes and ensure the building’s integrity. 

Plumbing work necessitates a wide range of technical abilities, far beyond simply repairing a leaky faucet in your bathroom. Plumbers must be knowledgeable about construction, specialized tools, and specialized skills. This is why plumbers in training must obtain all of the necessary education and experience before entering the profession. 


Getting qualified with MPA skills 

Is this a trade you would be interested in? If yes, we would love to be part of your journey if you’d like to learn more about training, apprenticeship, certification, and how to get started. 

Check out the Plumbing Program at MPA Skills to learn the skills you’ll need to succeed in this exciting and lucrative industry. You can get started on the path to success with a 10-week full-time pre-apprenticeship plumbing course, a full-time plumbing and gas fitting apprenticeship programme, and advanced plumbing training programmes. Begin your career in 2022 with MPA Skills and receive 50% off your pre-apprenticeship or apprenticeship course. Chance to begin your career today. 

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